What is BTS?

Every 3 months the club runs a Brew To Style competition. Members can submit beer entries for a predetermined subset of styles chosen from the 2015 BJCP style guide and we will judge them. The top 3 beers earn their brewers a certificate, a gift voucher from Beyond Brewing and bragging rights. Occasionally the winners even get a limited run at one of our local Craft Breweries! How’s that for bragging rights? BTS is not all about glory though, its a great way to explore other beer styles, get meaningful feedback from your brewing peers and push your brewing to the next level. Join in!

How do I enter?

Choose from one of the acceptable styles below (you must specify the style for each entry), brew the hell out of it and then drop off 3 x 440ml bottles of your beer for judging. Entry fee is R50 per entry and you can enter as many beers as you like. Members get their first entry of the year free!

Next BTS:

Dark Beers
Entries close:
26 June 2024

Enter by completing the form below:

🎁 Prizes

1st place

– Certificate and bragging rights
– 1 of each brew entered
– Brewing supplies worth R350 from Beyond Brewing

2nd place

– Certificate and bragging rights
– 1 of each brew entered minus the top 4 beers
– Brewing supplies worth R250 from Beyond Brewing

3rd place

– Certificate and bragging rights
– Brewing supplies worth R150 from Beyond Brewing

Brewer of the year

Every year we award our most successful brewer with the HIGHLY coveted Brewer Of The Year title. Its a big deal, there is a trophy and everything. Scores are calculated by adding up your top 3 BTS scores over the course of the year, so you need to participate in at least 3 BTS competitions to be in the running.

Brew of the Year

Is the highest scoring beer entered into the 4 BTS competitions in the year. Judging is done to BJCP standards and we believe our judging is fair and consistent.

Brew Name of the the Year

Each brew entered into BTS needs to be named. Judges on for each competition will select the best brew names. The best names will be put forward to an online survey where the best brew name will be decided.

Brewer of the year standings 2024

BTS Round 1 – Open Category