Links and suppliers

Links to suppliers for all things brewing related, whether you are a newbie or a withered old dog, we all need to find something sometime:

Beer equipment and consumables suppliers:

Beerbros: Suppliers of brewing equipment and consumables. Brew days, learn how to brew.

Beerlab: Homebrew and Craft Beer Brewing Ingredients & Equipment. Based in Cape Town

Beerguevera: Ingredients and equipment. Based on Cape Town

Brewcraft: Outlets around the country. Ingredients and equipment.

The Beer Keg:  Ingredients and equipment. Kegging. Johannesburg.

Brewmart: Based in Pretoria

Cactus Craft: Pretoria

Beyond Brewing: Hillcrest, Next to Platz

Stainless steel fittings, tubing etc

Guth: Stainless steel and valves and things (according to JJ)

Eurosteel: Stainless steel.

Natal Stainless Steel:  The name says it all.

Coastal Steel Suppliers:

National Dairy Equipment: Also known as NDE

Zenzele: (aka Chick Henderson) Steel products and PVC tubing (no web site) – 9 Morgan Rd Pinetown – (031) 701-9328

Refrigeration Repairs:

SDS Refrigeration – Clinton 082 801 8676

Electronic Equipment:

Rapid Heat and control: (no website) Heating elements and controllers – Address: 9 Crompton St, Pinetown, 3610. Phone: 031 701 7786

Heating Elements in Westmead:  elements and controllers.

ACDC Dynamics: Electrical components and fittings

Electro Mechanica: Electrical components.

A1 Radio: computer fans, electrical components.

Gas Equipment and refills:

Adriel Fire: Gas Cylinders and refills (swap outs, depending on you cylinders condition)

Viking Life Saving Equip 201 Chamberlain Rd, Jacobs. 031 4681261 Gas refills, call before.

Chubb fire :Burman Bush – fire extinguishers and refills.

Ocean Fire: 24 Peter Rd, Umgeni Business Park, Durban. – 031 577 6954 – Extinguishers and refills.


Beersmith: Home brewing recipes, forum, software, articles, podcast and much more.

Brewers Friend: A complete home brew recipe designer, brew day planner, and journal.

Knowledge base:

How to brew by John Palmer:  Possibly the best guide to home brewing available.

Brulosophy: Some serious questions answered through interesting tests. Lots to learn from here.

Brewers Friend Forum: Loads of questions asked and answered. : Awesome website with all things Crafty, like breweries and festivals.